Whitecaps FC Network Partner

The Whitecaps FC Network Partner Program provides clubs and associations across Canada with the opportunity to team up with the Whitecaps to grow and develop their soccer operations. Network Partners clubs’ benefit through technical services, curriculum, coach development, exclusive insider access to events, and developmental pathway opportunities.


  • Network Partner:
    For all levels of clubs and associations in Canada
  • National Partner:
    For Canadian National Youth License holders and provincial associations
  • Technical Management: Philosophy, curriculum, and training programs
  • Coach Development: Developing, mentoring and recruiting
  • Player Services: Player and team development, specialized pathways
  • Part-time: On site specific technical support
  • Full time: Full technical services from a Whitecaps TD
  • Remote: Virtual services and on-site visits

Network Partner

  • For all levels of soccer clubs and associations in Canada
  • Supports clubs through technical services and insider access to our team, resources and Canadian development network
  • Grow your club through a designed club culture and philosophy
  • Develop annual curriculum and plans for grassroots and performance
  • Develop, mentor, and recruit coaches. Provide professional development opportunities.
  • On field examples, teaching and feedback along with workshops and presentations
  • Access to Club events/tournaments
  • Opportunities to partner on programs such as camps, academy, and events
  • Opportunities for key club members or membership to attend an MLS match
  • Part-time
    • If no TD in place we can provide leadership on specific needs
    • If TD is in place we will provide support, collaboration and professional development
  • Full time
    • Full time TD services and resources from a Whitecaps TD
  • Remote
    • Virtual services to support local staff, supported by on-site visits

National Partner

  • For Canadian National Youth License holders and provincial associations
  • Prioritizes the national licence performance landscape through player id, development and pathway
  • Academy support and scouting:
    • Scheduled opportunities to visit programming
  • Experiential coaches events
    • Club days at Whitecaps full time programs and MLS teams
    • Scheduled coaching symposium(s)
  • Exclusive participation in Whitecaps Network academy events
    • Includes potential opportunities with Whitecaps MLS partner clubs
  • Technical program partnerships or services
  • Opportunities to add on any Network Partner technical services
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