Whitecaps FC Virtual Skills Challenge

Skills Challenge Drills:

  • 4 challenges: Dribbling, Turning, Receiving, and Passing
  • Players tested daily
  • Players receive an accumulation of points for each challenge
  • At the end of camp players get a challenge scorecard with a total score


  • There is more to a player than their score in a Challenge!
  • Our philosophy is to motivate self-improvement. Each player is encouraged to do the best they can and use the scores to track their own development over time.

Virtual Skills Challenge Finale

  • 100 players with the best scores and attitude will be selected from camps across the country and invited to a Virtual Skills Challenge Finale.
  • More detailed information coming soon.

View and Practise the skills!

  • View the videos below
  • To the right are visuals of how each drill is run
  • Try them at home and then test yourself at our camp
  • Turning – Level 1 | Level 2
  • Dribbling – Level 1 | Level 2
  • Receiving – Level 1 | Level 2
  • Passing – Level 1 | Level 2

2020 Virtual Whitecaps FC Skills Challenge – Level 1 Videos Coming Soon. 

Skills Challenge Score Tables

Below are tables identifying different Skills Challenge scoring levels, allowing players to gauge how their scores compare to other in their age group across the country. These scores are based on thousands of players who have taken part in the Skills Challenges from 2018 to present. These scores should be utilized for players to identify where to focus their skills training moving forward.