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Whitecaps FC and BMO share a commitment to developing young soccer talent through a coast-to-coast network of Whitecaps BMO Academy Centres.
With World Cup 2026 fast approaching, get to know below some of your future Canadian stars with our Whitecaps FC BMO “Ones to Watch” and “Players of the Month”

Ones to Watch

Liam Mackenzie – Whitecaps FC BMO Academy

Players of the Month – February

Kootenays East
Name: Thalia Koshure
Birth Year: 2013
What her coaches say: Thalia has been phenomenal over the season and I am proud to announce her as the February East Kootenay Player of the Month! She comes in to every session with amazing energy and has improved so much since day one this season. She’s an exciting attacker who is brave, has a great work ethic, and is an engine on the field. She has done amazing work so far and I look forward to seeing how much more she will grow over the season. Great Job Thalia, keep up the good work!
Kootenays South
Name: Violet Hubscher
Birth Year: 2009
What her coaches say: Violet is in her first year as a Caps to College player and is really thriving in the competitive environment it brings. She is turning into a player that challenges herself and others to be at their best every time they step onto the field. Violet has shown awesome dedication off the field as she has stayed consistent in her strength and conditioning programming and preparing herself well. Keep up the great work, Violet, this is a very well-deserved award!
Kootenays West
Name: Lazlo Lorenzo
Birth Year: 2007
What his coaches say: Lazlo is in his second last season in the Caps to College program and is stepping up as a leader on and off the field. Off the field, he is challenging himself in the weight room and pushing to be as physically competent as he can, and on the field he is finding his voice and challenging others to train as hard as they can. Lazlo has been with our Whitecaps Academy for a long time and his progression has been awesome to see. These will be an important few months for Laz as he gears up for the Whitecaps Showcase.
Name: Katelyn Walsh
Birth Year: 2011
What her coaches say: Katelyn is one of the most consistent players I have ever coached. She is a fantastic player who goes about her work with 100% effort and commitment. She is a go-to player and someone who is a pleasure to coach. We are confident she will have a bright future in the game.
Name: Timofey Kiryanaki-Natashyn
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: Tim has been a consistent and steady performer over the last couple of months. He has been having a huge impact on the pitch, in games and in training. He has scored in 6 games in a row during league play, with 3 of them being highlight-level goals. Tim’s progression and consistency from the start of the year has been very noticeable and has earned him our February Player of the Month.
Name: Elizabeth Atkinson
Birth Year: 2009
What her coaches say: Since the start of the NS Prospects program in the fall, Elizabeth has been an exemplary team member. Her passion for the game is matched by her great attitude and consistent effort that she displays in every training session and game. A technical striker who can score goals from different situations and distances, she also combines very well with teammates to create opportunities in the final third for the team. Well done Elizabeth and keep setting those high standards in training.
Name: Ina Stefanuto
Birth Year: 2012
What her coaches say: Ina has been with our academy for the last 2 years. She has an amazing attitude and work ethic and always want to learn. She has improved consistently in each phase to develop her game. As a coaching staff, we enjoy working with her as she has a love and passion for the game and only wants to get better! Great work Ina!
Name: Declan Gardiner
Birth Year: 2013
What his coaches say: Declan has been with our academy for the last 2 years. He has a great work ethich and attitude and strives every session to want to get better. The coaching staff enjoys working with Declan. Although quiet, he listens, takes in the instruction and works to improve his game every day! Great work Declan!
Name: Sophia Nykyforuk
Birth Year: 2010
What her coaches say: Sophia joined our academy programs in the Okanagan last year and is now part of the 09-10 Girls team with our partner club Kelowna City FC. She has shown great consistency and effort in training, which reflects clearly how much she has improved in the past year. Sophia works very hard, respects her teammates and coaches, and is always focused and ready to learn. She has been working intensely on her technical skills, showing great development in her performances in training and games. On top of that, her awareness and decision-making under pressure are getting better each day. I believe that Sophia has the potential to grow more and become a great soccer player. Well done, Sophia!
Name: Elin Smallwood
Birth Year: 2012
What her coaches say: Elin has been excelling as a striker, demonstrating great finishing with her high technical ability. She also has great game understanding, being tactically aware in possession and when defending. Elin also demonstrates intelligent movement supporting her teammates both on and off the ball.
Name: Broden Webster
Birth Year: 2012
What his coaches say: Broden is an excellent defender and true leader on the field, always communicating with his team and sharing with them his knowledge of the game. Broden can be counted on to make the smart pass or the efficient clearance and knows when to deploy. Broden is a team player, and always puts the team’s needs first.
Mainland – Girls
Name: Vienna Gomez
Birth Year: 2013
What her coaches say: Vienna is a technical player who enjoys showcasing her skills in her 1v1 duels and being brave to take players on. Vienna continues to improve week after week and is an enjoyable player to coach. Congratulations, V!
Mainland – Boys
Name: Lucas Cantos
Birth Year: 2010
What his coaches say: Lucas has continued to work hard with us over the last year, he has moved up the ranks with his club team and continues to show dedication to improving himself as a player. We really enjoy working with you Lucas, keep up the great work.
Addis & Semegn Atkinson Kootenay BMO Academy Centre
Alessandro Calado Manitoba BMO Academy Centre
Alesandro Comita Kamloops BMO Academy Centre
Alexis Tsaprailis London BMO Academy Centre
Anyang & Athiei Achiek Newfoundland and Labrador BMO Academy Centre
Brandon Tam London BMO Academy Centre
Camren Strang Newfoundland BMO Academy Centre
Ebalo Amuri Manitoba BMO Academy Centre
Elizabeth Hanson Saskatchewan BMO Academy Centre
Ellie Lancaster Nova Scotia BMO Academy Centre
Iba Oching Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BMO Academy
Ire Awosokanre Nova Scotia BMO Academy
Isaac Boehmer Okanagan BMO Academy Centre
Jacqueline Cardy London BMO Academy Centre
Joe Hanson Yukon BMO Academy Centre
Kimia Kassanda Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Kyle Steenstra Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Mihail Gherasimencov BMO Whitecaps FC MLS Academy
Molly Mertin Northwest BMO Academy Centre
Owen Antoniuk Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Riad Jaha PEI BMO Academy Centre
Sarina Tait Kelowna BMO Academy Centre
Senna Olivier Okanagan BMO Academy Centre
Taya Short Kootenays West BMO Academy Centre
Thomas Hasal Saskatchewan BMO Academy Centre

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