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Whitecaps FC and BMO share a commitment to developing young soccer talent through a coast-to-coast network of Whitecaps BMO Academy Centres.
With World Cup 2026 fast approaching, get to know below some of your future Canadian stars with our Whitecaps FC BMO “Ones to Watch” and “Players of the Month”

Ones to Watch

Valter Sedin – Whitecaps FC BMO MLS Academy

Players of the Month – June

Name: Shaun Pelemo
Birth Year: 2010
What his coaches say: “Shaun is a spark in every session he’s in. He has great use of ball mastery and can always provide the necessary technique on demand to find his way through traffic. His work bravery in 1v1 is tough to match and that helps him challenge the group to keep up. Shaun has a fun way of bringing a competitive edge and love for the game that makes every practice with him enjoyable for him, the other players and the coaches. We are thrilled to congratulate Shaun on winning the Player of the Month award!”
Name: Julian Alvarez
Birth Year: 2012
What his coaches say: “Julian is an excellent young player with a passion for the game. His excitement when he scores a goal is a joy for teammates and coaches. He shows a commitment to learning and desire to improve with his focus and determination in every session. He listens intently and works hard to apply coaching points into his game. Julian has great skill with the ball and shows intelligent decision-making to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. We are thrilled to Congratulate Julian on the Player of the Month award! Keep up the great work!”
Name: Abby Shaw
Birth Year: 2006
What her coaches say: “Abby is a quick and dynamic player who brings energy and enthusiasm to every session. She almost always has a smile on her face. It is evident that she loves to compete and take on new challenges. Abby has an attacking mentality and looks to break down opponents with speed on the ball or forward passes to teammates. She has a high work rate and uses her speed and agility to her advantage when recovering to defend. The way Abby approaches training makes the players around her better and makes the training environment more fun. We are excited to congratulate Abby on Player of the Month!”
Name: Jack Deadman
Birth Year: 2012
What his coaches say: “Jack stands apart from his group from how he shows up and approaches each session. He shows real discipline and diligence in his technical execution when working through skill development work within any given session. His dedication to the details shines through in the later stages of the sessions as he is able to link all technical aspects demanded of him by game conditions and is able to think ahead. We are excited to congratulate Jack on Player of the Month!”
Name: Kinley Boulter
Birth Year: 2010
What her coaches say: “Kinley is a dedicated player who brings intensity and focus to every session. She approaches the game with discipline and intelligence. Kinley positions herself well, shows good patience and makes assertive tackles when out of possession. Kinley has a good command of the ball and continues to develop her impact on the game in possession. She works well with her teammates in attack finding forward passes or combination plays to advance the ball. Kinley supports her teammates well and leads by example. Keep up the good work! We are excited to congratulate Kinley on Player of the Month!”
Name: Vincent Zimamoto
Birth Year: 2011
What his coaches say: “Vincent is an experienced player in the group who is beginning to show understanding of the subtleties of the game; How to control the speed of play, how to manipulate defenders, use of smart body positioning to gain or retain possession. He shows leadership qualities in his ability to share opinions and then go apply them when on field. He works hard and drives the quality of the sessions in our oldest group. We are thrilled to congratulate Vincent on winning the Player of the Month award. Congrats Vincent!”
Name: Juan Chirapurath Bibin
Birth Year: 2012
What her coaches say: “Juan is a highly technical player who has excellent skill on the ball. She is able to manipulate the ball well to deceive defenders making her dangerous in 1v1 situations with the ball at her feet. Juan welcomes new challenges and competes against quality players. She approaches the sessions with quiet but fierce competitiveness. She is coachable and focuses well on each task in training. We look forward to seeing Juan continue working to add new strengths to her game. We are excited to congratulate Juan on Player of the Month!”
Name: Qaim Mohamed
Birth Year: 2012
What his coaches say: “Qaim has been a standout player in our Academy Centre this season. He has shown a real affection for the ball and displays dazzling talent with the ball at his feet. Mixed with a technical flare for the game, Qaim is the ultimate competitor. Qaim looks most comfortable and calm in a 1v1 navigating his way through lines of pressure. Qaim is starting to apply advanced skills to take opponents on and we look forward to encouraging his creativity and courage when being closed down. We are excited to congratualte Qaim on Player of the month. Keep exciting us and working hard Qaim!”
Name: Camryn Veurink
Birth Year: 2008
What her coaches say: “Camryn has been great to work with since the academy began. She has a real love of the game and works tirelessly to improve herself. She has recently taken a huge step forward in her development by putting a massive amount of time into working on her technique work, which has already shown its impact in recent practices & games. Keep working hard Cammers & well done”
Name: Korinna Warren
Birth Year: 2009
What her coaches say: “Korinna has had a really strong month for our 2009s. Her physicality and competitive level have been a major factor in the team’s good start to the season. Congratulations Korinna!”
Name: Pat Valerio
Birth Year: 2006
What his coaches say: “Pat is a consistent player both in his work ethic and performance in training and in matches. On top of excelling in his game on the field, Pat’s attitude has a positive impact on his teammates. Congratulations Pat!”
Name: Landon Halbot
Birth Year: 2007
What his coaches say: “Landon had a fantastic showing at the Umbro Showcase. His intensity, hard work and extra effort made a big impact on the field for his team. Landon topped off his weekend at Umbro by scoring the go-ahead goal in the final game on what was definitely the goal of the showcase, a bicycle kick from the top of the D that went just under the crossbar!”
Name: Bobby Burchell
Birth Year: 2007
What his coaches say: “Bobby has been training really well as we go into the final stretch of our cycle this month. He has displayed a strong work ethic, showing a desire to get on the ball, create and score, and also working hard without the ball when we press. His energy and passion in training have been evident and he fully deserves to be recognized as player of the month”
Name: Kate Hobenshield
Birth Year: 2009

What her coaches say: “Kate has been in our programs since last winter and was a great addition to our Okanagan Academy (KCFC programs). She has been selected as player of the month based on her fantastic attitude towards training and continuous improvement. Kate has been working on her first touch and passing skills, and her decision-making under pressure has clearly improved this year. Proof of her improvement is that, after struggling in the first weeks of training with an older group, she now has adapted and is performing very well in that challenging environment. Congratulations, Kate! Keep working hard and I am sure you will become a great player!”

Name: Sam Frecon
Birth Year: 2007
What his coaches say: “Sam only joined the program in September, but has now fully engaged and found his feet. As a #4, Sam has a tough job having to be both a significant member of our build-up in possession & also having the lone role of screener when we are in DO. Sam has added an extra bite to his tackle, is learning to receive the ball on the half-turn and is turning into a truly excellent player. Keep up the hard work Sam!”
Name: Abhi Dadarwal
Birth Year: 2006
What his coaches say: “In our last couple of games, Abhi has really stepped up his game. As an exciting attacking player, the defensive side of the game has not always come naturally to Abhi. But after some conversations, Abhi has embraced his role and added a new level of hard work and grit to an already high-quality technical game. This has now made Abhi a two-way threat. Well done Abhi, keep up the fantastic work!”
Mainland – Girls
Name: Madison McCabe
Birth Year: 2010
What her coaches say: “Madison has been working hard over the past few months to sharpen and improve her game. We can see this shining through in her movements away from and around the ball, and how she is seeking out opportunities between and behind lines of pressure. Madison has made fantastic technical strides this season, and we are very excited about her potential within our Academy program. Congratulations, Madison!”
Mainland – Boys
Name: Patrick Ma
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: “Patrick was with our UBC academy before moving over to our Vancouver Academy this year. It’s great to have Patrick back with us, he always works hard and brings energy to the sessions. Patrick has been sharpening his player habits and his 1st touch and positive passing have gotten a lot better this month. Keep working hard Patrick, we look forward to seeing your progress with your football”
Addis & Semegn Atkinson Kootenay BMO Academy Centre
Alessandro Calado Manitoba BMO Academy Centre
Alesandro Comita Kamloops BMO Academy Centre
Alexis Tsaprailis London BMO Academy Centre
Anyang & Athiei Achiek Newfoundland and Labrador BMO Academy Centre
Brandon Tam London BMO Academy Centre
Camren Strang Newfoundland BMO Academy Centre
Ebalo Amuri Manitoba BMO Academy Centre
Elizabeth Hanson Saskatchewan BMO Academy Centre
Ellie Lancaster Nova Scotia BMO Academy Centre
Iba Oching Whitecaps FC Girls Elite BMO Academy
Ire Awosokanre Nova Scotia BMO Academy
Isaac Boehmer Okanagan BMO Academy Centre
Jacqueline Cardy London BMO Academy Centre
Joe Hanson Yukon BMO Academy Centre
Kimia Kassanda Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Kyle Steenstra Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Mihail Gherasimencov BMO Whitecaps FC MLS Academy
Molly Mertin Northwest BMO Academy Centre
Owen Antoniuk Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Riad Jaha PEI BMO Academy Centre
Sarina Tait Kelowna BMO Academy Centre
Senna Olivier Okanagan BMO Academy Centre
Taya Short Kootenays West BMO Academy Centre
Thomas Hasal Saskatchewan BMO Academy Centre

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