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Whitecaps FC and BMO share a commitment to developing young soccer talent through a coast-to-coast network of Whitecaps BMO Academy Centres.
With World Cup 2026 fast approaching, get to know below some of your future Canadian stars with our Whitecaps FC BMO “Ones to Watch” and “Players of the Month”

Ones to Watch

Taegan & Keelyn Stewart – Whitecaps FC Girls Elite

Players of the Month – November

Name: Anna Casavant
Birth Year: 2010
What her coaches say: “Anna has shown a willingness to show up and test herself against the group each week. She displays competence in manipulating the ball in tight spaces and has shown the composure to be a good decision-maker under pressure. Anna competes hard every session and is enjoyable to coach. Keep it up Anna! We are excited to see you continue to excel in the game”
Name: Leon Kuliowski
Birth Year: 2014
What his coaches say: “Leon has been a standout player early in our Academy season. He has shown a real affection for the ball and displays dazzling talent with the ball at his feet. Mixed with a technical flare for the game, Leon is the ultimate competitor and loves to score a goal. Leon looks most comfortable and calm in a 1v1 and even a 1v2 navigating his way through lines of pressure. We will now challenge him to use advanced skills to take opponents on and encourage his creativity and courage when being closed down. We are excited to congratulate Leon on Player of the month. Keep exciting us and working hard Leon!”
Name: Justin Len
Birth Year: 2009
What his coaches say: “Justin is a bright and enthusiastic player who shows excellent training habits every session. Justin is exceptionally coachable and works hard to apply each coaching point to his game. He puts focus and energy into each activity. He shows great leadership through how he interacts with his teammates and leads by example. Justin, we look forward to watching you continue to elevate your game with hard work and dedication. Keep up the great work!”
Name: Faith Huynh
Birth Year: 2013
What her coaches say: “Faith continues to impress coaches each session with her exceptional dribbling skills and clever decision-making. She shows a competitive and hard-working attitude throughout each activity. Her team-focused nature shows in how she interacts with her peers and supports others in the training environment. We are excited to congratulate Faith on being player of the month! Keep up the good work!”
Name: Logan Smith
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: “Logan stands apart from his group from how he shows up and approaches each session. He shows real discipline and diligence in his technical execution when working through skill development work within any given session. His dedication to the details shines through in the later stages of the sessions as he is able to link all technical aspects demanded of him by game conditions and is able to think ahead. We are excited to congratulate Logan on Player of the Month. Your hard work and attention to detail do not go unnoticed, keep after it and well done!”
Name: Lennon Maguire
Birth Year: 2009
What her coaches say: “Lennon is an excellent young player who shows up to every session with energy and enthusiasm. Her skill on the ball and work ethic set her apart. She shows great dedication to improving her game through focused effort. She is a competitor who pushes herself and everyone around her to be a little bit better each week. Keep up the great work Lennon! We’re excited to watch you continue to push your game to the next level!”
Name: Tarek Sbeiti
Birth Year: 2014
What his coaches say: “Tarek shows a real love for the game and arrives every session eager to work his hardest. He demonstrates a strong ability to manipulate the ball and understands how to create space behind defenders and take advantage of it with skill and speed. Tarek is ready to start to add a few new tricks in his bag, so we will work to help him increase his tools in technicque-on-demand situations with one or more defenders around him! We are excited to congratulate Tarek on Player of the Month. Keep bringing bravery and a love for the ball with you every session!”
Kootenays East
Name: Findlay Whittick
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: “Findlay has been a fantastic addition to the Caps to College program this season. Coming in as a part of the junior intake, he has been outstanding since the moment he joined group. Demonstrating great quality over the last few tournaments at SX Cup in September and Caledonia Cup this month, he certainly has caught the eye of his coaches. His character off the field has also shone through and has proven to be a fantastic all around athlete who will acheive many things in the program over time. Keep up the good work Findlay!”
Kootenays South
Name: Emma McLachlan
Birth Year: 2007
What her coaches say: “Emma was brilliant this weekend in Edmonton’s Caledonia Cup. Her Caps to College group came away with silver medals and she was instrumental to their success. Emma is a first-year player in our programs but has already shown huge growth and improvement in a short timeline. This is down to her coachability and her work ethic on the field. Emma is also a great teammate and plays the game with a smile on her face. Congrats on the award, Emma, keep up the good work!”
Kootenays West
Name: Rylie Clark
Birth Year: 2007
What her coaches say: “Rylie was one of the standout players this weekend at Edmonton’s Caledonia Cup. She is one of the hardest-working players I’ve come across and it is rewarded by her growth as a player and the results on the field she achieved over the weekend. Rylie won the Golden Boot for the tournament and was instrumental in leading her team to a medal. Rylie leads by example in her tenacity and competitiveness and looks to raise the spirits level of those around her. Well done, Rylie. A very well-deserved award!”
Name: Yijia (Kimee) Liu
Birth Year: 2006
What her coaches say: “Kimee had several stand-out performances throughout the season and was instrumental in our attack in our push for the OPDL Charity Shield. Her creativity, dribbling and 1v1 ability was among one of the league’s best. Looking forward to seeing her progress in the upcoming season”
Mainland – Girls
Name: Vesna MacKillop
Birth Year: 2008
What her coaches say: “Vesna has a fantastic attitude and a great mind for the game. During the sessions, she works hard to sharpen her technique and refine her skill at pace. Vesna travels all the way from Victoria for the sessions every week which shows her commitment to growth and passion for the game. Keep up the great work, Vesna!”
Mainland – Boys
Name: Matteo Luzzolino
Birth Year: 2011
What his coaches say: “Matteo is a fantastic young player that has a real passion for football. He has also written a book about soccer and the many things it gives him as a person. Matteo has had a great couple of months of training, he has good player habits and is very competitive, keep working hard Matteo”
Name: Evan Pearcey
Birth Year: 2006
What his coaches say: “A modern, intelligent soccer player with a great sense of anticipation and ability to read the game. Excellent in duels and very brave in taking the space from deep defensive positions”
Prince George
Name: Daxton Russell
What his coaches say: “Daxton is our player of the month for November. Since he started playing the game at 6, Daxton has been participating in our Club league and in our Prospects program. Leading the junior group at our recent performance testing session, his hard work is starting to show. With a calm and consistent demeanour, Daxton maintains a positive mindset, is very coachable, and focuses on his technique development. Along with the other Prospects players, we track Daxton’s output with Playermaker. This allows us to monitor him throughout the week and provide more focused feedback. We are excited to continue working with Daxton and watch him grow over the next few years”
Name: Reegan Wagg
Birth Year: 2006
What his coaches say: “‘Reegan had a very strong showing in the recent REX intake week, leading to her selection for the upcoming National Development Centre Competition in Quebec at the end of November. Wagg, who also won a bronze medal at this summer’s Canada Games with Team Nova Scotia, will be joining a select group of REX players from across the country for a chance to play against the NDC’s from Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. The event supports the next cycle of intakes for Women’s National EXCEL teams in 2023/2024”
Name: Jolene Nykyforuk
Birth Year: 2013
What her coaches say: “Jolene participated in our summer camps and joined the Kelowna City FC/Whitecaps Junior Elite program in the summer. Her commitment and behaviour in training is exemplary. She works very hard and is always ready to learn and participate when the coaches ask questions. Jolene’s is very technical, being excellent on 1×1 duelling and passing technique. On top of that, her awarenesses and decision-making in game situations are getting better each day. Well done, Jolene! If you continue like this I am sure you will become an amazing player”
Name: Nikolas Nykyforuk
Birth Year: 2016
What his coaches say: “Niko participated in our summer camps in Kelowna and joined our Kelowna City FC/Whitecaps Junior Elite programs since then. He is a young player with a lot of potential and puts a lot of effort into training to improve himself. He loves the game and is very good on 1×1 duels. Also, his passing and game awareness is above average for his age His behaviour is great, and he is always ready to participate when coaches ask questions to the group. Niko, well done! Keep putting in the effort, and I am sure you will become a great player!”
Name: Jackson Kovitch
Birth Year: 2007
What his coaches say: “Jackson attended both the VWFC Edmonton Prairie Tournament, joining the Calgary team Vs U16 MLS Academy, as well as the Prairie MNT ID Camp in the month of November. He impressed in both, being named captain of the ID Camp game at the end of the week, and continued his upward trajectory. Great job Jackson”
Name: Zavier Thode
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: “Zavier also attended both VWFC Edmonton Prairie Tournament, joining the Calgary team Vs U16 MLS Academy, fracturing his wrist in the first tournament, putting his attendance at the MNT Camp in jeopardy. However, he got a soft cast and battled his way through the week with some great performances, being named vice-captain in the second half at the MNT ID Camp”
Addis & Semegn Atkinson Kootenay BMO Academy Centre
Alessandro Calado Manitoba BMO Academy Centre
Alesandro Comita Kamloops BMO Academy Centre
Alexis Tsaprailis London BMO Academy Centre
Anyang & Athiei Achiek Newfoundland and Labrador BMO Academy Centre
Brandon Tam London BMO Academy Centre
Camren Strang Newfoundland BMO Academy Centre
Ebalo Amuri Manitoba BMO Academy Centre
Elizabeth Hanson Saskatchewan BMO Academy Centre
Ellie Lancaster Nova Scotia BMO Academy Centre
Ire Awosokanre Nova Scotia BMO Academy
Isaac Boehmer Okanagan BMO Academy Centre
Jacqueline Cardy London BMO Academy Centre
Joe Hanson Yukon BMO Academy Centre
Kimia Kassanda Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Kyle Steenstra Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Mihail Gherasimencov BMO Whitecaps FC MLS Academy
Molly Mertin Northwest BMO Academy Centre
Owen Antoniuk Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Riad Jaha PEI BMO Academy Centre
Sarina Tait Kelowna BMO Academy Centre
Senna Olivier Okanagan BMO Academy Centre
Taya Short Kootenays West BMO Academy Centre
Thomas Hasal Saskatchewan BMO Academy Centre

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