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Whitecaps FC and BMO share a commitment to developing young soccer talent through a coast-to-coast network of Whitecaps BMO Academy Centres.
With World Cup 2026 fast approaching, get to know below some of your future Canadian stars with our Whitecaps FC BMO “Ones to Watch” and “Players of the Month”

Ones to Watch

Ava Wright – Mainland BMO Academy Centre 

Players of the Month – January

Name: Mikaella Constantinidis
Birth Year: 2010
What her coaches say: “Mikaella Has started off Virtual Academy strong. We have been impressed with the speed and quality of her foot work as well as her eagerness to participate and demonstrate for the group. We look forward to working with her this term”
CMSA North
Name: Ava Degrand
Birth Year: 2007
What her coaches say: “Ava is a hard working, gritty player. No matter what activity we are doing, or who she finds herself up against, she is always ready to compete. Ava sees the game well and has a good understanding of when/where to pass and when to keep or protect the ball. As she progresses, she continues developing her speed of play and sharpness of technique. Amazing work Ava, keep rolling!”
Name: Omar Abou-Ouf
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: “Omar is a player who has a great appetite for the game. He has a skilled player who is particularly effective in receiving the ball in tight spaces to evade pressure. Omar’s technical foundations help him become an astute passer of the ball, he breaks lines often forward with disguised, penetrative passes which set up goal scoring opportunities for team-mates. Omar is also extremely hard working and is a true pleasure to coach. Keep showing your special quality Omar!”
CMSA South
Name: Torah Betteridge
Birth Year: 2008
What her coaches say: “Torah is always a pleasure to work with. She works hard during sessions, embodies good training habits and is technically proficient in her execution. Torah makes good decisions on the ball and has a tendency to solve problems and escape pressure when finding herself in a bind. Torah continues to work hard to add advanced technical tools to her toolbox. Great stuff Torah, keep it up”
Name: Qaim Mohamed
Birth Year: 2012
What his coaches say: “Qaim has been a part of our Academy for a couple of years and has worked very hard to improve his player habits and tools particularly in the attacking moment of the game. Qaim has fantastic close control which helps him escape tight pressure well and also possesses a change of pace which helps him to get past defenders when he is dribbling at them with space in front. Qaim also has a huge capacity to learn. He is very engaged in every session and always comes to practice with positive energy thus making him a very coachable player. Keep up the good work Qaim!”
Name: Samantha Clamp
Birth Year: 2009
What her coaches say: “Sam is a fantastic player to coach, she pays great attention to detail and asks questions to improve her game. She takes practice seriously and does everything she can to better her abilities. Through Samatha’s attitude and application, she has established himself in the group as a hard-working, determined player not just in the Whitecaps programming but also in the LFC U13 Girls”
Name: Allie Hamm
Birth Year: 2011
What her coaches say: “Allie joined our Academy at the end of last year and has shown steady growth in relation to the different attacking player tools we have been teaching. Allie has been particularly effective when executing 1v1 moves and also has a very good eye for a penetrative pass forward due to her excellent vision. Allie should continue to work on her finishing close to goal by aiming to place the ball into the bottom corners instead of hitting it as hard as she can. Keep up the good work Allie!”
Kootenays West
Name: Avery Anderson
Birth Year: 2011
What her coaches say: “Avery is a new addition to our programming this year and has really made a big impact right away. First and foremost her work ethic is fantastic and always competes to the best of her ability every time she steps on the field. Avery is also highly coachable and takes on feedback and tries to use it. The combination of these two traits means that as long as Avery continues along. this path, she will reach her potential and be the best she possibly can be. Congrats on the award, very well deserved Avery!”
Kootenays East
Name: Leo Webster
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: “An exciting player who clearly shows great character on and off the pitch. Leo has proven himself to be a leader amongst the players through both his character and quality he shows every session. Leo has demonstrated that he is one of our top prospects in our area, by being a player that is technically strong, with a great work ethic. In addition, he is always encouraging of others with a clear drive to always learn and improve himself every day. I am particularly impressed with his relationship with the ball as he shows compsoure and confidence on the ball. In addition, his decision making under high pressure is getting better every week and will shape him into a great player over the years. I’m very proud of Leo for the work he has put in so far. I’m confident that so long he stays on the path he is on, he will definitely see a bright future in the game. Keep it up Leo! I look forward to see how much you will grow”
Kootenays South
Name: Charlie Wan
Birth Year: 2010
What his coaches say: “Charlie brings a great enthusiasm and love for the game to each and every practice! He is a relentlessly hard worker and tries his best whenever he plays. The coaches have seen Charlie really improve his skills a lot since the start of the season, and this is down to the fact that he works really hard in practices and takes on as much information from the coaches as he can. We are thrilled to have Charlie in our program and are looking forward to working with him for the rest of the year! Congrats Charlie, this is a well deserved award for you!”
Name: Xenia Wittek-VanKoughnet
Birth Year: 2007
What her coaches say: “Xenia is a very committed player who is always looking to improve and be the best version of herself. She is always working hard on every practice and she is very involved in every game pushing her teammates to do the same. Once she receives feedback from her coaches, she always tries to apply it to her game which makes her grow as a player.  She plays as a left back, is very fast and strong what helps her be a powerful defender and makes our left zone almost impossible to go through by other teams. With the ball, since last season she has improved significantly, helping the team to create opportunities on the left side of the field. She is a great kid, always showcasing outstanding sportsmanship. I am confident her hard work will contribute to her further success as a player. Congratulations Xenia”
Name: Michele Ramirez-Latella
Birth Year: 2008
What his coaches say: “Michele is a very committed and dedicated player he rarely misses an opportunity to practice. Michele is very good at dribbling and 1v1, he has a refined technique and an aggressive attacking attitude when he has the ball. He also works a lot for the team. Shows a great competitive nature and desire to improve, during the lockdowns when a challenge is sent, he is the first to complete and send the result. It is a pleasure to coach Michele”
Mainland Academy – Girls
Name: Katrina Keng
Birth Year: 2010
What her coaches say: “We have seen a real improvement in Katrina this month, she is really focusing on her player habits during training and her ability to beat players going left and right is noticeable”
Mainland Academy – Boys
Name: Milo Toth
Birth Year: 2013
What his coaches say: “Milo is a joy to work with on Sundays in our Academy, he’s always ready to learn and improve his skills as well as push the players around him. Milo’s 1v1 attacking and receiving under pressure has really improved this month, keep working hard Milo”

Name: Isabella Tascona
Birth Year: 2004
What her coaches say: “She’s recently come back from some time away from the pitch and has been a leader throughout. The dedication to come back from some time away and always helping out the other players in the program on and off the field, setting the tone and expectations of those around her. Bella is capable of playing in a number of positions comfortably and continues to seek improvement each week. Her quality on and off the field has not gone unnoticed with a recent commitment to the University of Manitoba Bisons”

Prince George
Name: Amneet Toor
Birth Year: 2005
What her coaches say: “Amneet is our December Player of the Month for her recent successes within our Club and in her supplementary sport of Track & Field. On pitch 4-6 days each week participating in personal training, team training and match play, Amneet is achieving personal bests on the pitch and the track. A very dedicated and focussed player, Amneet acquires thousands of touches on the ball each week. Integrating our sport science, strength & conditioning, and testing/tracking into her on-ball work, Amneet is quickly becoming a leading player at our Club. With the skillset and physical attributes she maintains, we are confident she will soon play an integral role at the next level”
Name: Victoria Tuff
Birth Year: 2008
What her coaches say: “A very courageous player who will repeatedly attack the opponent and look to eliminate them. Developing a good awareness of opponents’ position and movements and also of ball speed/flight. Great future ahead”
Name: Ellis Sanford
Birth Year: 2007
What his coaches say: “Ellis had a fantastic 2021 in the program. A hard-working technical central midfielder, Ellis demonstrated great qualities on and off the field. Very humble, respectful and coachable, Ellis always trains with full effort and concentration. He is very comfortable on the ball and has a good passing range and competitive spirit. We look forward to his continued progress in 2022”
Name: Lyla Vedd
Birth Year: 2011
What her coaches say: “Lyla has been in our academy for a couple of years and has grown substantially as a player. Although quiet she is very strong on the field and is not afraid to play against older players. She has a great attitude and work ethic and is always wanting to learn! The coaches really enjoy working with her and seeing her improve. Great work Lyla!”
Name: Ethan Bennie
Birth Year: 2013
What his coaches say: “Ethan joined our academy this last season and has shown tremendous potential as a player. Although very young he has a tremedous passion for the game and is learning very quickly. As a coaching staff we love his attitude and willingness to grow. Great work Ethan!”
Name: Klody Mazerolle
Birth Year: 2010
What her coaches say: “Klody has great athleticism, power, speed and is aggressive. She is continually working at improving her technique and game understanding. Klody has a real eye for goal and is very good at finishing from distance or going through on goal 1v1 against the keeper showing great composure in her decision making. She has a great work ethic, is very coachable and has lots of potential to develop at the higher level of the game”
Name: Maxime Dunphy
Birth Year: 2011
What his coaches say: “Maxime just won the Whitecaps BMO Academy National Skill Challenge where he competed against other Whitecaps academy players across Canada and his video showcasing his skills was selected as the overall winner. Maxime has excellent technical ability and a high level of awareness and vision on and off the ball. He consistently makes good decisions and has a very good understanding of the game. He is excellent at using space, shows great composure under pressure and has a terrific desire to keep improving at every practice”
Addis & Semegn Atkinson Kootenay BMO Academy Centre
Alessandro Calado Manitoba BMO Academy Centre
Alesandro Comita Kamloops BMO Academy Centre
Anyang & Athiei Achiek Newfoundland and Labrador BMO Academy Centre
Brandon Tam London BMO Academy Centre
Camren Strang Newfoundland BMO Academy Centre
Ebalo Amuri Manitoba BMO Academy Centre
Elizabeth Hanson Saskatchewan BMO Academy Centre
Ellie Lancaster Nova Scotia BMO Academy Centre
Isaac Boehmer Okanagan BMO Academy Centre
Joe Hanson Yukon BMO Academy Centre
Kimia Kassanda Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Kyle Steenstra Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Mihail Gherasimencov BMO Whitecaps FC MLS Academy
Molly Mertin Northwest BMO Academy Centre
Owen Antoniuk Alberta BMO Academy Centre
Riad Jaha PEI BMO Academy Centre
Sarina Tait Kelowna BMO Academy Centre
Taya Short Kootenays West BMO Academy Centre
Thomas Hasal Saskatchewan BMO Academy Centre

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